In an attempt to breathe new life into the ‘Scream‘ franchise, Dimension Films released a fourth installment – ‘Scream 4′ in theaters last spring. It didn’t work. ‘Scream 4′ performed poorly at the box-office and wasn’t a hit with audiences or critics. But that’s not the end of the ghost face killer!

Like a horror movie villain, the ‘Scream’ franchise was left for dead but is suddenly up and alive again. It turns out MTV is adapting ‘Scream’ into a TV series…

If you saw the MTV Movie Awards, you no doubt saw the endless promotions for ‘Teen Wolf’ – the MTV adaptation of the classic 80s comedy (except now it’s not a comedy and far from a classic). MTV wants to do the same thing with the ‘Scream’ franchise and is developing a TV series around the film.

TV Line reports the project is currently out to writers and it’s unclear what role the film’s creators – director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson – would have with the project. We’ll go out on a limb and guess they’ll have no involvement after neither were left feeling very warm and fuzzy after their dealings on ‘Scream 4.’

So what would a ‘Scream 4′ movie be about? It’s unclear at this point but presumably it’d be about a bunch of good-looking high school kids that are on the run from a serial killer in a mask. Does it take place in a world where there was a ‘Scream’ movie (like the ‘Scream’ sequels) or is this a whole new universe?  Will there be any vampires or werewolves added just for good measure?

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