Bossier City school and city leaders are getting ready for the buses to roll and today's "Board the Bus and Learn from Us" event was a great way to kick off the new school year.


Students don't come to school in Bossier City until Thursday, but local leaders are getting the word out now that if you speed through school zones or pass school buses that are loading or unloading children, you will be fined, and the fine will be a hefty one.

Bossier City spokesman Mark Natalee says fines for speeding in a school zone start at $150, but can easily top out at $500, depending on how many times a motorist is stopped.


It's also a mandatory court appearance if you commit an infraction regarding school bus traffic.

Bossier Parish school spokeswoman Sonja Bailes says the bus ride filled with media, city and school leaders is a great way to get out the message of school bus safety. She told me she remembers almost getting hit by a speeding car in a school zone last year, and worried about what would have happened if a child had been crossing the street at that location at that time.


"School zones are already activated in Bossier City," Bailes said. First day of school is Thursday, but motorists should be reminded to slow down now in the school zones when the yellow caution light is flashing and don't exceed the speed limit.


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