Hopefully this means the end of the disappointingly ubiquitous #WheresRey hashtag. After forgoing including The Force Awakens hero Rey in the cast of figurines Hasbro made for their new Star Wars Monopoly sets, the toy company finally gave in and made a Rey token – but only for certain countries, and nowhere to be found in American toy stores. Their excuse was that American consumers aren’t interested enough in a Rey token for Hasbro to bother with it, which prompted the predictable amount of furious online backlash. Now, it looks like Hasbro has come to its senses.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro has announced it’ll be adding a Rey token into its improved Star Wars Monopoly sets, which are available now. The company put those sets up on its website a few days after the Associated Press reported that her token was still not available within our shores. The whole thing started 18 months ago after a young 8-year-old girl wrote a letter to the company explaining why she was disappointed that she couldn’t play the game with a likeness of her favorite character. The company’s initial excuse was that they didn’t want the public to find out that Rey battles Kylo Ren in the movie — but how would kids find that out from a Monopoly game? It even prompted J.J. Abrams’ production company to subtweet:

Hasbro also says, according to THR, that they have a lot of other toys coming down the line that do include Rey, and they’re poised to reveal even more at this week’s Comic Con. It’s about time, since The Last Jedi hits theaters in just five months!

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