In the wake of the Indiana recent Religious Restoration Freedom Act, State Representative Mike Johnson filed his own "Marriage and Conscience Act", which he says is a "call for freedom, civility and tolerance".

The Bossier City lawmaker explained his bill - and his moral and political position - in a column for

"The truth is, I have been giving the subject a great deal of thought (partly because that’s what a guy who has been defending the cause of religious liberty in federal courts for almost two decades naturally does).  And, after much deliberation, I have decided to introduce a bill today that aims to help defuse a growing cultural conflict, promote a balanced approach to this important question, and safeguard the sacred right of conscience for every single citizen."

Johnson goes on to say:

"In spite of the speculation that you may have heard in advance, this legislation—the “Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act”—is actually a very simple proposal.  It is a bill that seeks to do just one important thing: prevent adverse treatment by the State of any person or entity on the basis of the views they may hold with regard to marriage. Under this law, the State would be specifically prohibited from denying or withholding from a person or entity such things that they would otherwise be entitled to—like a state license, certification, accreditation, employment, state contracts, state benefits, or tax deductions—solely because of that person or entity’s views about the institution of marriage."

To read all of Rep. Mike Johnson's thought provoking op-ed about his proposed bill, JUST CLICK HERE!