Regis Philben is like a hundred years old and I thought he had retired, but he’s coming back to TV. Regis and Kathie Lee will be reuniting on a regular basis on the Today show. Check out the announcement.


Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle had a cameo in Sharknado 2 and was supposed to have one in Sharknado 3 but the network says all of his scenes have now been cut out for when it airs July 22nd.

Spanx and while I have to admit I couldn’t live without mine, I certainly don’t like feeling compressed like a summer sausage.  Apparently when you put something under that much pressure it can break and that’s what happened to Rebel Wednesday. Her
Spanx failed her and she tweeted about!

If you’re sippin’ on some Crown Royal and Coke (Louisiana’s favorite liquor) with Jake Owen don’t you dare ask what he thinks about ‘bro-country’ because he just may cuss at you. He says it’s ‘annoying’ and he ‘doesn’t care’ and some other choice words not fit to print!

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