To say that I like the Pope is an understatement.  Il Papa seems down to earth, sincere, and most of all benevolent.  It's so obvious that he cares a lot about the humans that live here on earth in the most excellent ways.  How do I know?  From his deeds.

Deeds like selling his motorcycle to feed the poor, encouraging the church to be less judgmental and more charitable, and even holding one of the most important masses of the year in the chapel of a prison where he kissed the feet of the prisoners are just the tip of the iceberg with this guy.

According to CNN, Pope Francis' latest project is no exception.  In an effort to bring hope, confidence, and dignity to the people most in need, he's had a free laundromat built in Rome.  The facility is packed with things that the homeless need when it comes to clean and neat clothes.  Donated washers, dryers, and irons are available for all that need it.  Future plans include adding a barber shop, medical services, and showers too!

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