We've all heard the countless stories of teen suicide, but what happens when it’s the teacher who threatens to take his or her own life… in front of a classroom of students?

That’s the scenario that transpired recently at Plain Dealing Middle/High School and the parents of one of the 7th grade students who witnessed the incident spoke out about the incident, KTBS reports:

Bossier Parish parents Matt and Nicole Morgan, of a student at Plain Dealing Middle/High School, claim their child was traumatized beyond measure inside the classroom, because their daughter's 7th grade teacher threatened to commit suicide in front of her class.

Bossier School's said an investigation confirmed the disturbing comments were made by a teacher whose name has not been released.

The teacher did return to the classroom Wednesday.

"She told a student first you need to shut the 'F---' up because I hate your guts right now. Then, she told the rest of the class that she should just shoot herself to traumatize everybody," commented father, Matt Morgan."

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