I needed your advice when it comes to the best place to get your pet groomed. Thank you so much for all your suggestions and connections. My dog Olive and I went to Angels Lil Puffs which is just down the street from where we live. When you walk in your greeted by the friendliest cat ever. The cat comes on strong like a used car salesman, it's quite funny. The cat has some identity issues, it acts like a dog, it's hilarious and entertaining.

Krystal Montez

Both my dog Olive and I walked in looking rough, luckily for my dog, she had the best makeover ever. I showed them a picture of what Olive's groomer used to do and they pulled it off and even got some bows on Olive to try and make her look like a lady. The before and after photo has me cracking up, it looks like my dog got sober after a day at the spa. I can understand why so many people love Angels Lil Puffs in Bossier. You can see all the dogs getting worked on, so if you're a helicopter dog parent this is the place for you. The staff is super friendly and your dog quits looking around for you because their attention is shifted towards the staff. Maybe the staff dabs bacon grease on them to make all the dogs instantly love them? My dog Olive looks amazing and sober now, I can't thank you enough for your suggestions on the best pet groomer in the area.