There’s good reason FOX never aired their 2006 O.J. Simpson If I Did It interview. The “Lost Confession” finally came to light on Sunday, and a few telltale slips during the macabre interview may have shown Simpson confirming his guilt in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

Controversial though the delayed airing may have been, TMZ notes that a few key sections of Simpson’s interview briefly drop the “if” I did it facade, which saw the former football player explaining the murder scene from the perspective of a “friend” named Charlie. By Simpson’s account, “Charlie” confronted Brown and Goldman on the night of June 12, 1994, the resulting argument of which led to Simpson grabbing a knife from his car and slashing at the pair. At one point in the below interview, Simpson seems to realize he’d accidentally switched to first person, and retreats back into describing the events as “hypothetical”:

For those unfamiliar, FOX’s O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession repackaged the aborted 2006 interview in which Simpson sought to plug his novel If I Did It. The network faced significant backlash from the families of Brown and Goldman in 2006, though both have since approved the footage’s release. Soledad O’Brien hosted the new version, joined by “a panel of analysts to discuss the interview and provide context.”

Simpson does attempt to exonerate himself with the claim that both he and “Charlie” would have been covered by copious amounts of “blood and stuff” at the scene, though he also appears to acknowledge leaving the infamous bloody glove behind. You can watch TMZ’s breakdown below, and stay tuned for any further updates on Simpson’s apparent confession.

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