Despite hoping that somehow things would be back to normal in time for Mardi Gras season next year, it doesn't appear that it will be. Several Acadiana Mardi Gras krewes have already canceled balls for 2021, and parades and annual carnival events are still up in the air for some communities. And let's be honest, not only are we disappointed to miss out on all the fun, but there is a major economic impact to curtailing the festivities during Mardi Gras. Major.

So, when New Orleans announced earlier this week that Mardi Gras parades would not be permitted to roll in 2021, we were heartbroken, but not surprised. But, in a statement made to New Orleans television station WVUE, Mayor LaToya Cantrell said she would not be opposed to rescheduling Mardi Gras parades next year. But she went onto say “I have not received a request. I have not received any details as it relates to rescheduling. It is something I would be open to, but we have to worry about the fiscal impacts and the other scheduled activities we enjoy throughout the year." Of course, her #1 priority would be the safety of New Orleans citizens when it comes to having large events and gatherings in the city.

Stay tuned, Mardi Gras fans.



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