Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide team lost to Texas A&M Saturday night and when Aggie fans rushed the field to celebrate the upset victory, Saban's security team rushed him off the field.

Well, while they were escorting Saban off of the field, one young lady was in the way, and security pushed her to the ground.

As you will see below, they never stopped to check on her and Saban nearly trips over one of the officers escorting him back to the locker room.

Twitter via Dee Jackson
Twitter via Dee Jackson

Texas A&M kicked a last-second field goal to defeat Alabama in a huge upset Saturday night and fans were certainly ready to celebrate.

  Here is the incident of Saban's security plowing over this female fan who rushed the field Saturday night.  
Since this video has surfaced, fans are weighing in on the officer pushing the fan to the ground.

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