Wait! You mean I can't snap a photo of my food if I want to? That's right!

A Belgian mineral water company has created new plates that actually prevent you from sharing your dinner on social media.

Many fine dining restaurants have already banned, 'foodstagramming,' as some called. The Bru Mineral water company has taken it a step further. They've designed plates with a QR code embedded into the design, which takes you to a website when you attempt to take a photo.

So what happens? Well you get a notification on your phone, that reads:

'Nice photo, but don't forget to enjoy your dining companions as well.'

The new social plates have been a hit with restaurants. According to adage.com, over 150 restaurants requested them in the three days following launch.

It's an interesting idea, I wonder if it will catch on in the United States. What do you think?

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