It may be the world's largest mining company. And, it has gotten so big, it has outgrown its office space. BHP Billiton Petroleum - Petrohawk -  is moving into a new location in Shreveport this weekend.

In fact, the company is consolidating seven different offices all around Shreveport into one massive building. Tommy Clark, manager of government and external affairs for the oil and gas exploration company, says 100 or so employees are moving into their new location this weekend.

And by Monday, the company will operate out of one high tech building, which he says will be more efficient.

The new two-story building is 70,000 square feet and has high tech features and security.

BHP probably is the largest company nobody's ever heard of. And what I mean by that, they're the largest mining company in the world and the purchase of Petrohawk last year was their foray into the shale business and they created the North American Shale Division and the Haynesville Shale is one of four shale groups within their petroleum division.

BHP's new structure - built by McInnis Brothers Construction and Prevot Design Services - is located at Preston and Knight Street. Clark says the new building will make it easier for communications in the company since all the offices, which were located in different places around Shreveport, will be in one main building.