Getting paid to play with Legos? Ummm...yes, please!

Now I've heard of all kinds of crazy jobs, but this one is pretty out there. But hey...someone's gotta do it - why can't it be you?

The University of Cambridge in England is looking for a "Professor of Lego" to study Legos, figure out ways to incorporate them into education with kids, and determine the role of Legos and other toys that are in kids' lives around the world.

Salary starts at $100,00!! And you can apply here! But there's two catches. Applications are due tomorrow and they are looking for quote,

"outstanding research record of international stature and vision, leadership, experience, and enthusiasm."

You never know though. You might have to hustle and possible embellish your resume, but there's always a chance.

Maybe in the next life, huh?


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