I was actually pretty excited about the Grammy Awards this year.  Several of my favorites were up for awards last night...and I was looking forward to some of the live performances, too. Some of the most highly-anticipated for me were the Foo Fighters, Carrie Underwood/Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney and Adele (hadn't heard her sing since her surgery.)  But there were other performances that pleasantly surprised me.

Of course, the night started off with a remembrance.  I thought the show's producers did an amazing job putting together a last-minute Whitney Houston tribute.  Jennifer Hudson's beautiful rendition of "I Will Always Love You" brought tears to my eyes.  Then there was the emotion-filled Alicia Keys/Bonnie Raitt duet of an Etta James hit.  I'm not a huge Rhianna fan, but her duet with Coldplay was much better than I expected. 

Performers I expected to be good WERE...the Foo Fighters rocked the house (of course!) with their latest hit "Walk" (and in a pavilion outside the theater, which I thought was VERY cool!  And how appropriate that Jack Black introduced the band.)  Adele sounded even better than I remember...and Paul McCartney was great (my little girl fell asleep in my lap during his solo performance...how appropriate!)  And I loved the end-of-the-night Beatles medley, featuring "The Boss," Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl (who, I believe, appeared onstage more times than any other performer) and Sir McCartney himself -- plus others! AWESOME!  And the Carrie/Tony and Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson duets were top-notch, too.  (Did you catch that Aldean mic-cutting-out thing at the end of that performance? He handled that quite professionally, I thought.  Haha!)  Glen Campbell put on a great show (as did the two bands that played their tributes to his tunes ).  I grew up listening to his music, and agree that he deserved that Lifetime Achievement Award.

As for the awards themselves...I expected Adele would rack up, and she did.  But I was happy to see the Foo Fighters bring home a few, as well.  Get a more detailed list of winners here:

What was YOUR favorite part of the show?  Please don't hesitate to share! : )

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