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It would be an understatement to say that some of the folks who get arrested for drugs in our fair state are dumber than a box of hair.  Candyce Neel makes most of those folks look like rocket surgeons.

The 41 year-old West Monroe woman was busted for felony drug possession when authorities showed up to her house and found her methamphetamine stash cleverly  hidden in a box labeled "DOPE."  Perhaps she was trying to employ reverse psychology?  If so, it clearly didn't work.

An unidentified complainant reported finding the box and called police right away.  When authorities arrived on Saturday, they found the box in question - but no Neel.  She was arrested later that night after being found hiding behind the residence.

According to the report from The Smoking Gun, Neel is behind bars where she is being held on $3000 bond.

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