Customers and employees of Juicy Seafood Kickin' Crab in Jackson, Mississippi had to take cover as two groups of people in the restaurant started throwing napkin dispensers, chairs and silverware during a massive fight.

Authorities aren't sure what caused the violence to ensue, but for a while, it was pure chaos in the Mississippi establishment. Patrons were running from tables and booths as items were being thrown across the restaurant. Parents were trying to protect their children. In an instant, humans started to act like wild animals as the two groups inside the restaurant went to battle.

Stella Jones, assistant manager of Juicy Seafood Kickin' Crab, called the police. She told WAPT TV in Jackson, she was concerned about the safety of the children.

It was very disruptive. I was concerned about the children that were involved when chairs were flying over them, so I called the police.-Stella Jones to WAPT TV

When the police arrived, the restaurant looked as though a bomb had exploded inside. It was a total mess. And both of the groups involved were long gone.

If citizens out there recognize people in the video, I hope they'll call up the police or the police station and let them know so we can track these people down and hold them accountable. Councilwoman Ashby Foote to Fox News

No arrests have been made. Police are asking the public to report the name of anyone seen fighting in the video.

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