One of the most frustrating things in life is this: Karma isn't instant.  A lot of jerks get their undisturbed douche-baggery moment in the sun and nothing seems to happen to them.  <Cough, cough> Martin Shekrelli <Cough>  It seems like "what goes around, comes around" sure does take the scenic route sometimes.  I am glad to report, that sometimes it does so to build up speed for maximum impact.

Such is the case for one Adrian Abramovich.  Adrian has the distinct honor of holding the all-time record when it comes to FCC fines.  The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is the branch of the federal government that monitors, well, communications.  Mr. Abramovich got sideways with them by being personally responsible for millions and millions of robocalls.  These are the calls you usually get at dinner that ask you to press 1 to find out about a fantastic offer, or vacation you "won."  All-in-all double A programmed his machines of annoyance to dial out 97 million robocalls over just the last three months of 2016.  FYI, telemarketing is legal. Possibly annoying, but legal.  However, making prerecorded marketing calls without peoples prior consent is a big fat no-no.  Especially when a significant number of those calls go to emergency phone lines and most especially when you use some pretty fancy tech to misrepresent where the call originates (caller id data) with the intent to defraud.

Just how hard did the FCC clap back?  $120 million.  Just for comparison's sake, consider that the Justin Timberlake / Janet Jackson "Nipple seen 'round the world" moment that graced the screens of televisions tuned to CBS's coverage of the Superbowl in 2008 earned a whopping $550,000 fine.

2008 ESPY Awards - Show
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That's right Justin, we will never forget your "accident."  If my math is correct, the FCC thinks this guy did approximately 218 nipples worth of damage to the United States.  I say good job FCC / Karma!

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