At the end of 2012, more than $287 million remained unclaimed from the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assessment all state property owners pay.

You can find the amount you've paid on the declaration page of your homeowner's insurance policy.

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says it comes from a billion dollar 2006 bond issue used to finish paying claims the state's last-resort insurer incurred after Hurricane Katrina. And it'll go on for the next 12 years.

But we can claim that on our state taxes. It'll be in the form of a tax credit against your state liability. But what if you don't owe anything? Donelon says you can still claim that money.

"Through a cash rebate, that can be gotten very simply," says Donelon. "A one-page form, four questions: Name, address, policy number, amount of your assessment. Attach a copy of your dec page that comes with your policy each year, mail it or fax it to the Department of Revenue, and within two weeks you'll get a check or a debit card."

Donelon says if you're claiming this money on your 2012 taxes, it'll just be for that year. However, you can go back and amend previous returns to include any unclaimed amount. What if your homeowner's insurance is built into your home mortgage? He says you can still claim that assessment.

If you need more details, listen to KEEL Morning News' interview with Commissioner Donelon here:

Additional questions? Visit the State Insurance Department's official website.

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