No, he's not the Tin Man, just a Louisiana guy wearing a tin foil hat threatening to torch schools.

Shane Kersey was arrested in Lafitte after he allegedly threatened to torch four south Louisiana schools.  WWL reports the threats were serious enough to force the schools to go into lockdown.

How did they find the chrome-domed criminal?  Detectives traced the phone number used to make the threats to Kersey.  He fessed up and was arrested.

And this isn't his first waltz with authorities.  According to police, Kersey has an extensive criminal record with multiple arrests for possession of narcotics, simple burglary, aggravated battery, criminal trespassing, theft, illegal possession of a weapon and numerous traffic offences.

This time, Kersey was charged with two counts of terrorizing and being a fugitive from Plaquemines Parish on a burglary warrant.

So, what's the deal with the tin foil cap?  Kersey says he was wearing the tin foil on his head to prevent signals from entering his head.  Crazy, possibly, but definitely not original.  The tin foil hat has become a stereotype for those suffering from paranoia, prosecutory delusions, or believe in conspiracy theories.  There is even word that these high-tech devices might have the opposite effect.

There is also officially no word on whether the tin foil hat was made out of aluminum or tin foil.  All we can say is whatever plot this man had was foiled.

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