The National Weather Service has repeatedly cautioned people in portions of Louisiana and Texas about the dangers of the record breaking heat wave that has gripped our states.

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We've heard from several experts that the heat is not only dangerous to humans, but to our pets as well.  And now, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has added that it's so hot, it could even be dangerous to the fish in private ponds or public waterways.

In an article just released by the Louisiana Radio Network, we learn that LDWF has issued a warning to the public of potential fish kills due to scorching hot temperatures, extended cloudy weather, and storms.

How Does A Fish Kill Happen?

Inland Fisheries Technical Advisor Robby Maxwell explains how this type of weather can be fatal for fish.  “Warm water carries less oxygen than cooler water so it’s real easy to kinda’ tip the scales over and get to the position where we’re in an anoxic or hypoxic condition and aquatic organisms generally need to breathe oxygen from the water.”

LDWF further explains, "Here’s what’s happening. Warm water has a lower carrying capacity for dissolved oxygen than cool water, creating an already delicate balance between oxygen-producing and oxygen-consuming aquatic life in waterbodies. When something alters that delicate balance, the scales can easily tip in the wrong direction and cause a hypoxic (low oxygen) fish kill."

In this video from the Australian Academy of Science, we see exactly what they mean.

According to Maxwell, seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of dead or dying fish, is pretty disturbing.

It's Best Not To Eat The Fish Dying From A Fish Kill

“When people usually see fish kills the fish are usually bloated, you see them gasping and they’re floating on the top and they are starting to rot. I generally wouldn’t eat them. There always is a chance that it could be related to pollution, spill, or something else.”

Should you see a "fish kill", especially on Louisiana public waters, LDWF is asking that you report it immediately. Just go to the special "fish kill" page on the LDWF website.

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