First Louisiana residents found themselves immersed in record flood waters. Now the recovery process for our state is being held up by another flood. This time it's the man made flood of bureaucratic "red tape". This is also know as politics as usual.

To be clear the funding, some $500 million for flood relief and repairs, is not the only item in the legislation. There is also funding for cleaning up a serious problem with the water supply in Flint Michigan attached to this proposal.  Unfortunately the residents of both Louisiana and Flint may fall victim to elected officials doing what's best for the party and not what's best for the people.

Mitch McConnell has now filed a substitute bill, if you will, that doesn’t have money for flood and doesn’t have money for Flint either. I think Democrats are also going to vote against that bill.

Those remarks by Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Senator Cassidy is concerned that because of the upcoming fall break in congress both Louisiana and Flint might be left high and dry, pardon the play on words.

The disagreement on the funding bills that would help out 16 states across the country is naturally divided along party lines. It also appears to be a contentious subject between leaders in the House of Representatives and the members of the Senate.

What Senate Democrats want is some assurance that the House of Representatives will pass the companion bill, and if they don’t get that reassurance, then they want the continuing resolution to have both flood and Flint.

Senator Cassidy is hopeful some compromise can be reached before Friday at midnight. That is when the Senate and House will go into recess so these elected officials can return to their home districts to remind you what a great job they are doing for you as they seek your vote.

Regardless Senator Cassidy does believe more federal aid for Louisiana flood victims will be coming.

What I don’t know is whether or not he first pot of money will come this week, next week, or whether all the money will come in about 8 or 9 or 10 weeks when we come back after the election.

While I am sure Mr. Cassidy is being as upfront about the situation as he can be, that certainly doesn't help a family that's waiting to get back into their home in Louisiana. It also doesn't do too much good for a family in Michigan that just wants to drink water that won't kill them from their tap.

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