Is Louisiana the drunkest state in the nation? It is, according to data gathered by SurveyMonkey for Business Insider magazine.

The Bayou State garnered 174 out of 1,568 votes, or 11%. Could it be that crazy party city of New Orleans that earned us that distinction, perhaps?

The caption above that poll reads, "Go Home, Louisiana. You're drunk." It looks like Florida, California and Nevada weren't too far behind us, though. We also came in a close second behind Massachusetts for "Weirdest Accent."

Some other highlights of the survey for our state: we received kudos in the "Best Food" category, coming in just behind New York, which was also labeled "Most Arrogant" and "Rudest" state. Oddly enough, Louisiana also ranked somewhat high in the "Worst Food" category. Alaska earned the top distinction there, with 85 out of 1,603 votes, or 5 percent.

The poll also found that Americans feel Alabama has the ugliest residents and that Mississippi is the dumbest.

A surprising result was that Texas was voted no. 1 for the state most respondents would like to see kicked out of America. The "Least Favorite State" received 167 of 1,581 votes. Business Insider wrote, "That's what you get, Texas, for always pulling the 'We can leave America whenever we feel like it' card."

Georgia was labeled Nicest State, and Massachusetts was deemed the smartest.  California earned many distinctions, including most overrated, craziest, best looking and favorite.

Keep in mind, poll respondents were not allowed to vote for their own state.

You can see the complete survey results here, and chance are you'll probably get a chuckle or two out of them.

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