Every state has its share of terrible drivers. But according to a new survey, Louisiana has the very worst drivers in the country.

Auto insurance website CarInsuranceComparison.com has named Louisianan motorists as the worst in the US. It's a claim Louisianans will be hard-pressed to dispute, and not just because they're ignoring them while talking on their cell phones and speeding.

The company cited statistics from sources including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drink Driving (MADD) in its methodology, which contains five distinct categories:

  • Fatalities per capita
  • Failure to obey (traffic signals and seat belt laws)
  • Drunk driving
  • Tickets
  • Careless driving
According to the results, Louisiana finished in the top five for the failure to obey, ticketing and careless driving categories. It's actually the second time in a row Louisianan drivers have earned the title of worst in America, the site claims.
Four other southern states -- Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina -- rounded out the survey's top five worst driving states.
[via NBC]

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