A group of local ladies has put together goodie bags for our local sheriff's deputies as part of a movement called 'Prayers and Support for Local Law Officers.'

Among the group is 17-year-old Haughton High School soon-to-be-senior Haylee Thomas, who says her favorite items in the treat bags are the Bible scriptures and the cards made by local kids.

"We've gotten them from St. Jude's, we've gotten them from schools, we've gotten them from just people who are giving," Haylee said. "My favorite is one that says, 'Police officer, please redeem for one hug.'"

Haylee says she's hoping this program will continue to grow. She says donations have poured in from everywhere, so she'll be able to distribute these bags to law enforcement agencies all over north Louisiana.

"I want this to be a challenge," she said. "I want other people to see this and think, 'Oh, she's 17 and she can do it, so there's no reason I can't.'"

Check out the group's Facebook page if you'd like to help support our officers and deputies.

Take a look at photos from this afternoon's donation event:

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