The Caddo Parish Commission presented a check today for $725,000 in approved funds, to be divided among multiple Caddo law enforcement agencies.

Commission President Matthew Linn said during a news conference at Government Plaza this afternoon that the majority of that money will go to the Shreveport Police Department and Caddo Sheriff's Office.

"We gave half-a-million dollars to the City of Shreveport for law enforcement, $100,000 to the sheriff for law enforcement, and $125,000 to several surrounding cities for law enforcement," Linn said. "Please also note that for the 2016 budget, we have given -- collectively, all of us -- $1.6-million to 54 agencies to divert crime within our community."

Linn said Caddo has reduced its recidivism rate by 80%, and the commission has taken the cost of incarceration and diverted it to determent. Commissioners have come up with several programs for area youth as alternatives to violence, including a gun buy-back program, midnight basketball and summer job program.

Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler sent out her heartfelt thanks to the commission for allotting this money for our law enforcement agencies.

"The $500,000 is going to go toward the purchase of 12 new police vehicles for the City of Shreveport," Tyler said. "These new units will join the 90 that the city has already purchased to replenish the aging fleet of front-line vehicles."

As for when we'll start seeing these new cars on the streets, Police Chief Willie Shaw says the department is working on that now. But Sgt. Bill Goodin said a lot of equipment has to be added before the cars can be put into use.

"Cameras, DVRs, computers, power supplies, shut-off timers, lights, partitions, the flashing bulbs in the front and in the back," Goodin said. "So it is a process."

Sgt. Goodin and Chief Shaw said it takes about 24 hours to outfit one vehicle, so it's a major undertaking.

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator said his office's share of the money will go toward the purchase of new Homeland Security vehicles.

The remaining $125,000 will be divvied up among the following law enforcement agencies:

Belcher -- $2,500
Blanchard -- $28,750
Gilliam -- $1,500
Greenwood -- $31,250
Hosston -- $2,500
Ida -- $2,125
Mooringsport -- $7,750
Oil City -- $9,750
Rodessa -- $2,625
Vivian -- $36,250

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