It's that time of year again!  Area law enforcement agencies have deployed their specialized task forces, designed to deter armed robberies of both businesses and individuals.  Bossier City Police Sgt. Bart Cavanaugh says some of these officers will be out in marked units, checking on store clerks and walking the area to ward off potential criminals.  There will also be officers stationed INSIDE some businesses -- in back rooms or convenience store coolers -- keeping an eye on things.  Of course, you'll never know what business they'll be in at any given time.  Sgt. Cavanaugh says there are things WE can do to keep ourselves safe during this busy holiday season.  Keep your vehicle locked, put purchases in your trunk, don't overload yourself walking from the business to your vehicle, and if you see ANYTHING suspicious -- don't be afraid to ask an officer for an escort to your car.  He says they're happy to do that for you.

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