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In recent years, Louisiana has eased a lot of their laws regarding the purchase and use of marijuana. Medical marijuana is more accessible. You can now find smokable 'flower' in the state as opposed to just ointments.

Now, a list of new marijuana laws will go into effect on Monday August 1st. The new laws impact everything from the ways police can work to employment opportunities to driving in the state. You can find the list of new laws that will go into effect below.

Act 473 - This law will prohibit police from using the 'smell of marijuana' as probable cause to search a person's home or car without a warrant.

Act 478 - This new law is aimed to reduce fatal accidents in the state. Act 478 prohibits the act of smoking or vaping marijuana in vehicles on state road ways. Drivers who violate this law will receive fines and citations for a non-moving violation, which will not affect their driving record

Act 651 - This new law will protect state employees or prospective employees from facing negative consequences for testing positive for marijuana (when it's medically prescribed). However, this law WILL NOT prevent an individual from facing consequences for showing up to work impaired or whose main duty is driving a motor vehicle on state roads. This law also does not apply to employees who work in emergency medical services, law enforcement, public safety, firefighters, or those who work for the horse racing commission.

There are also two other laws that go into effect Monday that will spread 'regulatory control' of medical marijuana to several state agencies. Since medical marijuana was legalized, it has been solely under the control of the Department of Agriculture & Forestry. These new laws with give some control and authority to other state agencies including the Department of Health, Department of Revenue and the Board of Pharmacy.

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Multiple pieces of legislation dealing with medical marijuana and expansions to the current structure have been or will be introduced in the upcoming legislative session that begins March 14, 2022.
Attitudes are shifting about recreational use as well. In last year's session, lawmakers passed a bill that changes penalties for a small amount of marijuana.
At the beginning of 2022, smokable medical marijuana also became legal. Many people have asked questions about how and where to get medical marijuana. Here is the current information available.

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