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Growing up in Minden, Louisiana was a little bit like growing up in Mayberry. My entire life living in or around the small town, you couldn't even get so much as a 6-pack of beer at a gas station. If you wanted beer or liquor, you had to travel to one of the neighboring towns. Slowly, laws started being passed, the first giving restaurants the "go" to sell beer and liquor with food. Then finally, last November my home-town voted to make it 100% legal for licensed stores to sell booze.

As a result, gas stations and corner stores I grew up riding my bike to, are now carrying 12-packs of beer where the Gatorades and Faygos once were. This is a big step for a town who's Downtown area has more churches than restaurants. And now, other restaurants will for sure be popping up along with new liquor and daiquiri shops within the city limits.

People are already seeing once-vacant buildings getting cleaned up, with signs on the windows stating they are equipped with an Alcoholic Beverage Permits. Rumors of a sports bar and grill, a box liquor store, and a chain daiquiri shop are already floating around my home town of Minden.

This may seem to some to be small-potatoes to someone from a bigger city. But, for Minden it's a major step toward the progression of a town that you couldn't even get a 16-ounce beer in, without taking an out of town trip. I'm looking forward to seeing my city grow from this improvement. CHEERS!


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