Legoland in California is an extremely popular destination for families.  I totally get it! Rooms full of Legos off all kind, tons of painstakingly and meticulously created huge Lego sculptures of everything under the sun, and lots of Lego themed rides.  If you are into the most amazing, small scale building system for kids (of all ages) - it's almost perfect.  The only down side is, it's like 1500-1600 miles away! That's all about to change!

Coming in the Summer of 2018, San Antonio will offer a much closer Legoland experience.  KSAT reports that not only will you be able to get your fill of Lego fun, but the site will also feature a 4-D theater, themed rides, and an impressive new aquarium! Add this to the already popular Sea World, the world famous San Antonio Zoo, Fiesta Texas amusement park, and the Historic Alamo and Riverwalk - and San Antonio could become a new hot-spot for family vacations.  If we could get a Disney park, we are looking at an Orlando South!

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