The Krewe of Gemini is preparing to roll through Shreveport tomorrow.  The float-loading party is going on at 5 this evening.  Dennis Foley and I chatted with Krewe Captain Mary Louise Stansell, who tells us the theme this year is "Gemini Loves Television."

"We have Cheers and The Flintstones and Adams Family, Love Boat, lots of different things," Stansell says.  "Lots of beads, cups, stuffed animals, soccer balls, footballs, you name it, it'll be coming off the float.  Except for food, of course." (Evidently, that's something reserved solely for the Krewe of Highland parade Sunday. Read my story on that HERE.

Stansell says the parade will follow the same route as last week's Centaur parade, starting off in downtown Shreveport and ending by the Duck Pond. 

The question a lot of folks are asking is...will the weather cooperate?  We're hearing it will for Gemini.  Stansell says that's likely because the Mardi Gras season came a little earlier this year.

"I've been in Mardi Gras up here for ten years, and this is an extremely short season," she says.  "Next year is a very long season.  It'll be into March before we parade next year, so I think that the weather is definitely holding out just because of the time of year."

You can listen to our complete interview with Stansell here...

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