So much focus is on the Centaur and Gemini parades during Shreveport's Mardi Gras festivities that some folks tend to forget there are others, too. One of those is the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux pet parade in downtown Shreveport. The Krewe's former king Preston Friedley says he's seen some unusual pets in past parades.

"Last year we had somebody who brought down a miniature horse who was all dressed up for Mardi Gras," Friedley says. "Obviously, we'll have the standard cats and dogs, but we've had horses and goats, and people bring chickens down to the parade."

And he says there have been some crazy pet costumes, too. "People will dress their pets up probably even stranger than perhaps they'll be dressed up," says Friedley. "You'll see everything from bumblebees to ladybugs that'll be down there and dressed up."

This year's theme is "Stars, Guitars and Animals From Mars." So it's possible that could mean we'll see some cool, alien-dressed pets. Participants are free to get creative with it!

In addition to the parade itself, there will be lots of informational booths set up where you can learn about how to enjoy and take care of your pets -- and get details on the Shreveport Dog Park proposal, Yogie and Friends and Chimp Haven.

Plus...there will be the pet and pet owner look-alike contest!

"I think last year we had a lady who had dressed up as a beautiful poodle, and believe it or not, her hair kinda looked like a poodle," Friedley says. "I don't think we realize how many people do look like their pets."

The activities get underway at about 1:30 Sunday afternoon in Riverview Park. If you need more details, be sure to listen to the rest of my interview with Friedley here, where he talks about the parade route, costs to register your pets, and potty break protocol...

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