It’s pretty safe to say that Kim Kardashian‘s biggest achievement in life so far is surpassing 14 million followers on Twitter. And Barbara Walters said she had no talent. This is a feat Barack Obama, who has a little less than 13 million, couldn’t even he do, and he’s president of the United States.

This also means that Ms. Hollywood Princess — or rather her Twitter account — has the seventh largest number of followers in the entire Twittersphere, beating out even the all-powerful Oprah, Bill Gates and the Dalai Lama. We guess people would rather ‘[Keep] Up with the Kardashians’ than some of the most important figures (yes, Oprah is an important figure) in the entire world.

In true Kim style, she Tweeted, “OMG 14 million! I can’t believe it! Thank you guys so much,’ before proceeding to post photos of herself blowing kisses to the camera.

Sorry Jon Hamm, but so far it looks like more people are backing Kim than you.

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