I can't deny that the death of Whitney Houston made me sad...but it was more about the downward spiral I knew she was on, which led to her death, that gave me that feeling.  So hearing the news that Davy Jones, vocalist for made-for-TV-band The Monkees, died hit me much harder.

Sure, I "grew up" in the 80's listening to Whitney Houston hits, and there was no doubt that she was an amazing vocalist.  But seeing and hearing stories about her drug use and abuse, particularly after she married Bobby Brown, left me shaking my head and wondering WHY.  Before Whitney, though...there were The Monkees.  I'm not quite old enough to have enjoyed the TV show when it first aired...but as a '70's child, I remember the re-runs.  And I couldn't wait to get to the TV to see the next episode.  I even remember seeing the Davy Jones episode of The Brady Bunch...and the Scooby Doo cartoons featuring animated versions of all four Monkees.  Davy was always my favorite...maybe because he was the youngest, maybe because he was adorable, maybe because he was British (I always DID love that accent!)...whatever the reason, he was a part of my childhood.  And I'm going to miss him...but the music will live on.

Davy Jones...dead from a heart attach at age 66.  Still so young.  For the Jones fans...this one's for you!

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