Every Saturday for the past several weeks, I have been following the protest efforts of a group that wants to see the Confederate monument at the courthouse removed. The protests have been very peaceful, with people taking turns speaking on a microphone about wanting the statue gone and holding signs expressing their views, all while music is played over a speaker. The protest on Saturday June 27th was much more heated.

Those that oppose the removal of the statue, showed up to counter-protest. Many were verbally abusive to the protesters, and almost all of them were armed with guns. One woman who showed up with the counter-protesters became so crazed with anger at one point during an argument, that she snatched a sign away from a peaceful protester and ripped it up in front of him. Many of the altercations were caught on camera.

A local African American gun club showed up to the June 27th protest armed, to display solidarity and protection for those who want to see the statue removed from in front of the courthouse.

Protest organizer Will James has announced a cancellation of the Saturday July 4th Caddo Courthouse protest "Due to increased threats". The reasoning stems from reports of threats and rumors of a violent plan online coming from those who do want want the statue removed. The other reason being the recent up-tick in COVID-19 cases locally.

James said in a live-streamed statement, "What is more important? The word? Or the safety of our people?". Will James will be making more announcements on the morning of July 4th and make an official statement about the specifics of the cancellation.

BLM Protest in Downtown Shreveport

BLM Protest in Downtown Shreveport

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