John Bel Edwards Campaigns In New Orleans Ahead Of Gubernatorial Runoff Election
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Labor Day weekend is finally upon us, yet it feels like no other Labor Day before.

Let's face it folks, this might be the strangest Labor Day weekend any of us have/will ever experience. After all, we're now nine months into the weirdest year ever, so it's no surprise that every holiday just feels a little bit.. Um... Different.

In fact, I'm sure I can go ahead and copy & paste this article and re-post it next month ahead of Halloween. Surely, we won't be much further along on the road back to normalcy by October 31th. Hopefully, we're well within phase three by then.

In order to stay on track, Governor John Bel Edwards spent this week urging Louisianians to celebrate in a small way this Labor Day. It's no surprise that the Governor is asking this of us, considering that after our last two COVID-19 holidays, we have seen a spike in cases and a push back down the ladder we have been climbing.

Labor Day weekend is also the first weekend many college students will be returning home for the first time. College students fall into the age group with the highest growing number of COVID-19 case numbers.

John Bel says, "Large social gatherings really should not happen. Make sure that you have your mask on when you’re interacting with anyone outside your immediate household and that you stay at least six feet away from them.”



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