UPDATE: Another Sinkhole Found In Florida

USA Today is reporting another sinkhole has appeared in Florida about two miles from the first that we reported on where resident Jeff Bush was killed.

Original Story Below:
Jeff Bush of of Seffner, Florida located near Tampa, was swallowed by a huge sinkhole last Thursday night while he was in the bedroom of the house.

The ground opened up below the bedroom and Bush and everything in the room went into the hole. Five other people in the house managed to escape.

According to ABC News, Jeremy Bush, the brother of Jeff Bush said, "I tried my hardest to get you out, brother". "I think I'm the only one that really tried to get you out. They said the ground was too unstable to do anything, but they got all this heavy equipment on there, pulling stuff out and everyone's cheering for everything that's coming out of the house. I've had enough of the cheering."

Crews with the heavy equipment said Sunday that it was too dangerous to keep searching for the victim.

Jeremy Bush was thankful for what the responders were able to do saying, "I want to thank everybody. God bless everybody for what they have done and what you all are doing for us. I thank everybody—the reporters, the firefighters, everybody that's been here, doing what they're doing."

The responders are trying to bring as much of the house to the street so the family can retreive as much of their belongings as possible.

Photos of the original sinkhole.

Via [ABC News]

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