After a trip to Cuba, rap star Jay-Z returned home to huge controversy involving many politicians. Members of both political parties are far from impressed with the rapper's easy journey to the country, sending the star and his wife Beyonce letters concerning the anniversary vacation.

In return to all the controversy, "Mr. Z" (as Rush calls him) went to the studio and released a song featuring the lyrics "Obama said chill, you gonna get me impeached." He also lashed out at politicians in general, rapping, "Politicians never did s___ for me except lie to me, distort history, wanna give me jail time and a fine..."

Limbaugh explained what he believes is the underlying factor in the song.

"Obama is not talking about Mr. Z's trip to Cuba in a critical way," said Limbaugh. "Mr. Z is probably talking about Mitch McConnell, or some of the other politicians that are ripping him for going there. Rubio? Yeah, maybe. I just find it hard to believe that this is aimed at Obama."

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