If you thought the self checkout system at your grocery store was troublesome, can you imagine if Texas airports start letting us do our own security checks?

If an item doesn't scan or you just don't scan something, do you go tell the store employee monitoring the self checkouts?

With that in mind, do you think a terrorist is going to go tell airport security that his self screening didn't detect his bomb?

I really doubt it. I'm ok with someone slipping a candy bar past the self checkout or not being able to get the right price on produce but nobody dies over that. This, though ...

The Las Vegas airport has installed a "self screening" lane to speed up the process of going through mandatory, pre-flight, TSA security screenings.

I'm not kidding, this is real and, starting in January, Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas is the guinea pig. This isn't exactly a quiet airport mind you ... 5.4 million people went through there last month alone.

TSA Officials And Delta Introduce Automated Security Screening Lanes At LaGuardia Airport
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“Like self-ordering kiosks at fast food and sit-down restaurants, self-service screening allows passengers in the Trusted Traveler Program to complete the security screening process on their own,” said Screening at Speed Program Manager Dr. John Fortune. “Travelers will use passenger and carry-on screening systems at individual consoles or screening lanes themselves, reducing the number of pat downs and bag inspections TSOs need to perform and freeing their time to be reallocated to the busier aspects of screening operations. - dhs.gov

To check yourself in, you first have to be in the trusted traveler program. This is still weird though, a "trusted traveler" could also be an insane traveler.

As annoying as those checks are, at least you know no one is going to highjack and/or blow up your vacation.

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