The name "Pantera" is a revered name in Texas; for many, they are THE metal band to put the Lone Star State on the map. So of course, it's no surprise that their music would be used in television, commercials or video games. Well we're looking at the latter; here are some Pantera references found in popular video games.

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Heroes of the Storm

Anyone who's played Heroes of the Storm on PC is familiar with the character, ETC. Not only is the character a clear reference to Dimebag Darrell, but his pink goatee, his guitars resemble what Dimebag used to play back in the day: a ‘79 Dean ML complete with a lightning bolt. There are more references to metal bands that ETC has that you can read here.

League of Legends

If you've used Olaf in the character and gave him the Pentakill skin, people have said it's a reference to Pantera's drummer, the late Vinnie Paul. I can see it...

World of Warcraft

In Stormsong Valley, there's a side quest where you can tame a giant mechanical mechnocat named P4-N73R4. Which is a very nice way of changing the spelling of PA-NTERA or... PANTERA. I think if you're going to tame this cat, blast out Pantera's cover of "Cat Scratch Fever" while you do it.


A very obvious reference to Pantera can be made in Terraria; the hardcore mode boss found in the Underground Jungle is called...Plantera. This is one creature you REALLY don't wanna have 5 minutes alone with...

Duke Nukem

The theme of Duke Nukem 3D, called "Grabbag" is actually inspired by Pantera-styled riffs. And that's not me saying that. Lee Jackson, the composer of the theme of Duke Dukem 3D, even admitted that bands like Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne & Pantera, all inspired him to write the song. That's definitely some nice inspiration.


And speaking of games that took inspiration from Pantera, we can't forget about DOOM. It's no surprise at all that ID, the makers of Doom, were clearly inspired by Pantera's music. Songs like "Mouth For War", "Rise" & "This Love" are present.

But there was one song that NEARLY became used but was scraped during development; "Walk" nearly became part of the game. The audio is online for you to hear for yourself.

And of course we can't forget about Super PANTERA 64

Yes people have combined the sound font of Super Mario 64 & PANTERA to give us...Super Pantera 64.

Yes the love for Pantera in video games has been strong since the 90s and...well it's still around to this day. R.I.P. Dimebag & Vinnie Paul...

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