The state of Texas is in the midst of a very hot summer.

With temperatures hitting nearly 100 degrees most days, many people are attempting to stay cool. This is in turn strains the state's power grid and causes one thing we hate the most. That item we don't like is none other than power bill price increases.

Yes, the Lone Star State is no stranger to these moments. Almost everyone in the states groans together when they notice prices going up. But then more questions get raised in what exactly is being used the most.

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Everybody's first thought of course involves the air conditioner right? We've all got different temperatures that we like our homes to be. But as it turns out, there's more than just one thing that cause power prices to surge.

In fact, there's nine items, which includes the air conditioner, that cause our power bills in Texas to hurt our wallets more. Finance Buzz provided the information needed to discover which devices in our home may be causing the most issues.

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