McDonald's has announced the return of a fan favorite that was first introduced in March of 2020 for a limited time.

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McDonald's Double Big Mac

In March of 2020, McDonald's released the Double Big Mac, and people lost their minds.

However, due to the pandemic, as soon as it was put on the menu, it disappeared.

Now, almost four years later, McDonald's has announced the triumphant return of the Double Big Mac.

Whereas a normal Big Mac featured two beef patties separated by three buns, the Double Big Mac is bringing the meat with four beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, all sandwiched between three sesame seed buns.

McDonald's Double Big Mac January 24 2024
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According to, in December of 2023 CEO Chris Kempczinski told CNN that customers wanted bigger burgers, and teased that they were on something to meet that demand.

That they did.

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"The supersized burger — featuring four beef patties instead of the usual two, and more Big Mac sauce — will be sold again at participating restaurants nationwide for a limited time starting Jan. 24.

McDonald’s hasn’t announced how much the Double Big Mac will cost, which restaurants will carry it, or exactly how long it’ll stick around."

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The Double Big Mac Burger will reportedly be 740 calories.


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