Almost everyone I know is a fan of the store, Buc-ee's. I admit that I make sure that when I am traveling if there is a Buc-ee's location within an hour of where I am traveling, I stop at the store.

I am an "all-out fan" of Buc-ee's. I know that for some people, that's not their thing, but I LOVE Bue-ee's. Who doesn't love a place with the cleanest restrooms everywhere?

There are bathroom attendants!!! Where do you experience that anymore when you're not in a big city? I'll tell ya! Buc-ee's!!!

How can you also not love a place where the business is big enough for you, your kids, and everyone in your vehicle to run around and stretch their legs?

Plus, all of the delicious snacks and foods make it the perfect place to stop when you find one. Now, you can get those snacks in Lafayette.

Are you already thinking of all the different kinds of beef jerky offered at Buc-ee's? Piece of Cake Lafayette has several different varieties of Buc-ee's products in stock, while supplies last.

They have delicious hot food like breakfast burritos, pulled pork sandwiches, and hot crispy apple pie pieces! They have everything. Including Beaver Nuggets, sure to put me over the edge in my daily carb count!

Piece of Cake Lafayette Cake
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Buc-ee's products can be found in Lafayette, and you don't have to drive hours to enjoy your favorites from the store.

Think of the delicious seasonings and sauces you will now be able to get your hands on without having to hit the interstate.

Picture of Beaver Nuggets
Photo from Developing Lafayette

Morgan, look out! Auntie Bernie is coming over to raid the shelves!

Ben with Developing Lafayette reports,

Geaux Snac, a brand-new local business specializing in offering an array of popular third-party snack brands, has officially launched. Located within Piece of Cake Lafayette Bakery at 1507 Kaliste Saloom Road.

I just love knowing that tasty treats like the Beaver Nuggets and those candied pecans are now available right off Kaliste Saloom Road.

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