Some on social media are angry with a man seen pumping gas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while police investigate a murder at a local gas station.

In the video you see investigators gathering evidence from the crime scene in Baton Rouge, while a man is just feet away from the scene pumping gas.

Now, we don't know the full situation here, but some felt that it was a bit insensitive to pump gas where investigators were working the murder scene.


According to WAFB, Keith Price was shot and killed as he exited the gas station on Jefferson Hwy late Sunday night.

This shooting was one of three on Sunday night in Baton Rouge and police are now investigating all of the shootings.

In all two people were killed in the shootings, and one person was injured.

Here's a look at the scene on Jefferson Hwy in Baton Rouge, while one man pumped gas during the murder investigation.

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