LAFAYETTE, LA. (999 KTDY) - I don't know about you, but I do find there are some places in Lafayette and the surrounding areas that I miss.

We asked you to name some of the places that you miss. While we received hundreds of responses to our question, there were ten that kept being repeated over and over by you guys.

Two of the responses are not places, but they were so funny, and quite "on point" I just had to include them. I think most of us spend at least a little part of our lives reminiscing about the past.


According to officials with the National Institutes of Health, reminiscing can actually be beneficial to people who are dealing with depression. So let that sink in a bit. I know that none of us want to live in the past, but it doesn't hurt every now and again to think about all the positives we have experienced.

I think most of us have great memories of places we have eaten at over the years because food is such a huge part of our culture. Only one seafood restaurant made the top of the list of your favorites, and I think that's only because in South Louisiana we can appreciate so many different types of foods. After all, we are a blend of so many different people here, and we express our love often with our food.

Places You Want to See Come Back in Lafayette, Louisiana

We wanted to know from you which places you would love to see come back to our area. There were more than 600 answers on our Facebook page. This gallery provides you with the top ten choices for a return.

Gallery Credit: BernadetteLee

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