With temperatures finally coming down in the evenings, Louisianians are rejoicing. It's time to get out there and celebrate everything Louisiana.

It's been a tough year for drought conditions throughout the state of Louisiana. The entire state was under a burn ban for a significant amount of time. The State Fire Marshal's Office announced in late September that it would now be up to individual parishes to decide whether or not they wanted to continue the burn ban.

Keep that in mind as we celebrate all the great things we can do now that fall is here. Almost everyone I know has some spot in their yard for a small fire pit, and those with big parcels of land can't wait to get that first bond fire roaring.

We All Want Fire in the Fall

Fire Beside the Water
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Deyoung, lTZffd_tOnM, via Unsplash

A fire pit, chimenea, campfire, or even a bonfire is one of the essentials for everyone in Louisiana to enjoy the fall. If you don't have any of the above, just make friends with someone who does.

We All Need a Great Pair of Festival Shoes

Festival Acadian et Creoles
Photo courtesy of Festivals Acadiens et Creoles Facebook

Fall in Louisiana is not like any other time of year. We feel like we are set free when the temperatures start to cool off even a little bit. So, you need a great pair of festival shoes!

It also means people are ready to party, and there is no shortage of festivals all crammed into multiple months so that we can party while it's fall.

You can just pick a place in Louisiana, and you are going to find some kind of festival near that town. Click here, and you can feed your festival soul in Louisiana.

We All Need a Place to Watch the Game

New Orleans Saints Game
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

One of the big seven must-haves for fall is a television that is either outside or on your patio or you can drag it out there. You can't miss the game!

It's genius if you have an iPad or even your phone to enjoy the game outside with your fire pit going, the game on, and cold brew.

It also doesn't hurt that when you're on the patio enjoying the game you can grill on your barbeque pit without sweating to death! This summer was brutal. So rustle up some a way to watch the game and some meat!

We All Need an App to Hear the Game

The Goat
TSM Photo

One of our sister stations in the building is The Goat. It's 1420 on the AM dial and 103.3 on the FM dial. Click here for the app on Google Play. Click here for the app on Apple.

Dave Schultz and his team are everywhere in Acadiana watching and reporting on games, and if you need a score, then you need their app.

You'll also hear most of your favorite broadcasts on the station and sports with Schultz in the afternoons on weekdays.

We All Need to Get Rid of the Leaves

Wendell Shinn, xsAj4IwTYik, Unsplash

Here in South Louisiana when fall starts happening it's not like the New England coast where you have tons of fall foliage, but we do have some.

The beautiful colors can be seen in a variety of different places, and many of us, have to deal with leaves in the backyard.

Whether you are getting to see lots of different colors in your front and back yards, you know one thing, someone usually has to clean it up. Investing in a good rake or leafblower is a must!

We All Need Sports Apparel

New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars
Getty Images

When fall rolls around you need to have your favorite game apparel. Whether you love the Saints, the Ragin Cajuns, or the Tigers, you've got to have your favorite jersey on when watching the game!

Apparel has changed tremendously over the past three decades. You have all kinds of apparel at your disposal now.

From shoes to hats and even kids' gear, get your favorites out to enjoy the game whether you are at your own house or in the stadium.

We All Need a Gumbo Pot

Gumbo Pot
KPEL Photo via Joe Cunningham

And the number 1 thing anyone has to have in the fall to make it the most successful season of the year is a big gumbo pot!

What would fall be without a giant Magnalite pot when you are ready to make the first or the fifteenth gumbo?

Even if it's not a Magnalite pot, every family has that one pot they swear by that makes the best gumbo in Acadiana. Grab them gumbo pots and use them all through fall and winter!

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