It is Safe to Say That Homeownership is a Dream for Many Americans.

It's one of those things that we all want to check off our bucket list right? We get married, we buy a home and we raise a family, at least it's what we have been programmed to want. Personally, I want to buy a house so I can give my dog the backyard she deserves. Who doesn't want to own their own home?

If You Want to Own a Home and Your Annual Income is Low, Your Best Bet is Staying in Louisiana.

A new report from claims that Louisiana ranks 2nd among the states that require the least earnings to purchase a house in America in 2024. Mississippi ranked the top in the list of least earnings needed to buy a home. Mississippi has the lowest requirement at $39,880, followed by Louisiana at $47,061, Alabama came in third at $47,804, and South Carolina came in fourth at $48,691.


Why is This Good News for Louisiana Residents?

You may have thought that you needed to leave the state to get that dream job and that dream house, but it turns out that you can stay in the Bayou State. If you have been thinking that your income is too low to purchase a home think again. You could own your own home if you are making annually at least $47,061. Keep in mind this annual pay is just one of the many requirements you need to be able to secure a loan for a home. evaluated affordability across all 50 states using data on home prices, tax rates, debt-to-income ratios, insurance premiums, and cost of living.

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