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One of the things that we can't get enough of in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA is all of our fantastic restaurants. Which one do you think deserves to go down in Louisiana history as the most famous?

What is Shreveport-Bossier City, LA's most famous restaurant?

That's what we asked residents and we were surprised by how consistent the responses were. There's clearly a big difference between famous and good, even though if you're good, you have a better chance of being famous... just ask Kim Kardashian.

Overall, when we asked for suggestions for the most famous local restaurants, the winners were Ernest's Orleans Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge and Superior Grill. Of course, there were a few suggestions that were promotional plugs, however, several restaurants are worth an honorable mention like the late, great Pancho's Mexican Buffet, Lucky Palace, Blind Tiger, Herby K's, and Strawn's.

Of course, I think we missed a few. How can you talk about famous restaurants in Shreveport-Bossier City and not bring up the old Hayride Kitchen? How about Orlandeaux Cafe? Heck, Orlandeaux can trace its roots back to the old Pete Harris Cafe and the Freeman and Harris Cafe. You can't forget about Fertitta's either! And The Cub! I used to dream about the Cub's steaks and au gratins when I wasn't living here. They're that good!

So what do you think is missing from our list or do you agree with crowning Superior Grill and Ernest's Orleans Restaurant as the proud winners? Let me know! Shoot me a message using app chat or email me at

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