Have You Noticed a Surge in Closures of Businesses in Shreveport?

Every time we see a new restaurant pop up in town we get excited, and we should, we need new businesses to come to town. It never gets easier hearing that a place that so many people love will go away for forever.

Time Out Sports Bar Announced on Facebook That They Are Closing Their Doors.

The Facebook post said:

"It is with crying eyes and a broken heart for me to make this post.
Sadly (and unwillingly), our final day of business will be Friday, March 1st.
It’s been one hell of a ride over the years with everyone. Our patrons turned into family, and Timeout turned into home. The amount of support we have received over the years will always be remembered.
Yall come out and see us in our last few days…shed a few tears, and have a few shots with us to reminisce on all the memories we have.
Thank yall from the bottom of my heart for everything."

The sad part is we don't know why this bar is closing down. This bar always seems to be busy and in case you don't know they have some of the best wings in town.

We wish the team from Time Out Sports Bar all the best. You can get your Time Out fix up until March 1st. The address to Time Out is 9064 Mansfield Rd, Shreveport, LA.

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