If You Live or Work Downtown You Probably Know Roger the UPS Driver.

Where does Roger get his good mood and high energy from? We don't know, but he makes every delivery seem like it's a celebration and what can we say? We love us some bringers of packages and joy. You just have to meet Roger once to fall in love with him, and it turns out his charm doesn't just work on humans, he is quite the dog charmer.

UPS Dogs is a Facebook Page Dedicated to Dogs That Love Their UPS Delivery Drivers.

The page has almost 2 million followers and the page is a bunch of dog lovers who document their dogs being obsessed with their UPS drivers. It is no surprise that Roger the UPS driver has been featured a few times, but the latest picture posted has us all hitting the "like" button.

Meet Gigi the Standard Poodle and Her Favorite Guy Roger.

The post said it all, "Roger with Gigi. Gigi watches for Roger to bring her beauty products and is always so happy to see him." Obviously, Gigi has a certain look and she relies on Roger to keep all her beauty supplies coming. This post has thousands of likes and we love seeing one of our favorite UPS drivers getting all the love.


If You Follow UPS Dogs on Facebook Then You Have Probably Seen Roger Pop Up Before.

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